Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lost But Found

I hit the wrong key or was too groggy and lost my other site. With just an internet breath all 173 posts went poof. At first I was frantic and scoured all the possibilities for retrieval but soon that fever yielded to philosophy. Who really reads this stuff anyway? I'm still here...and if you're reading this, so are you.
The original Occupied Bishop blog was built on an older Bishop's Notebook blog I used in my former job. (I am sorry to lose  those posts.) Both served a purpose in their time. 

I had re-named that older blog and made entries to keep up with the news  media after I jumped the fence and was arrested in December, 2011. It's a lot easier  in the umpteenth interview to say to a reporter, "Well, I answered that question on my blog." But as that Duarte arrest is past my entries turned more to reflecting on Occupy philosophy, the church itself and what Occupy has revealed in her life. So, one chapter opens to another. Actually losing that first site was a boon because Blogspot had improved the quality since I started seven years ago. You can do and link to all kinds of snappy possibilities with this rig. I had been locked into an old format...though I think the personal profile questions are insipid.

So, my friends--and ultimately I think I'm talking to myself--it was good to reflect on all that occurred and I look forward  to fresh stories in the future. 

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